Hi, I'm Adam

I'm a father, a husband, a U.S. Marine and a Software Engineer.

My Mission

My mission is simply to serve those who serve, while doing what I love. I build professional looking websites to get your foot in the proverbial door of the internet.

My Plan

In order to provide cost-efficient services I keep things simple, only offer a limited set of services and leverage automation to keep labor extremely low.

My Vision

I want you to succeed. Small businesses, veterans and first responders are always fighting to attain their vision. Let me battle the internet on your behalf.


By providing a limited set of services and leveraging automation I can spend more time understanding your requrirements and vision for your business.

Domain Name Registration

I'll work with you to purchase and set up a domain name for your business.

Cloud Hosting

Your website will be hosted in the cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Lighting Fast Speed

Your website will be served to your customer via lightning fast Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

SEO Compliance

Your site will be secured with HTTP/SSL, and the code itself will be easily indexed by the top search engines.


You'll have an professional email address @your-domain.com.

Exit Strategy

When your business out grows the services listed here I'll celebrate with you, and help migrate to the next step.

My Skills

I've been a software engineer since 2016 and have helped a couple of businesses launch their sites. I also have full time employment and have created many line of business desktop applications and have worked on a few web applications. I also regularly attend and speak at developer events.

HTML 100%
CSS 100%
Microsoft Azure80%